128-Channel Recording, 32-Channel Stimulation, Digitally Interfaced Optogenetic Neuromodulation System-on-Chip

  • Sang Min Song Pusan National University
  • Min Jae Kim Pusan National University
  • Joon Gyu Kim Pusan National University
  • Hyun Tae Park Pusan National University
  • Young Hoon Park Pusan National University
  • Kyung Sik Eom Pusan National University
  • Sung Yun Park Pusan National University
Keywords: Application Specific Integrated Circuit(ASIC), Multichannel neural recording and stimulation, Neuromodulation, Optogenetics


This paper presents a digitally interfaced a 128-channel recording, 32-channel stimulation optogenetic neuromodulation system on chip (SoC) that has been developed for long-term optogenetics neuroscience research. The low-power 128-channel neural recording frontend offers low-noise multichannel recording, on-chip 16-bit data digitization, and electrode impedance measurement. The 32-channel optogenetic stimulator provides high-resolution, accurate optical stimulation. The chip communicates through two control signal shared SPI interfaces for simultaneous recording and stimulation with independent on-the-fly control command and data transfer, resulting in only 6 external wires. The developed system constitutes a fully digital, bidirectional 128/32-channel neuromodulation SoC to the animal-under-test.

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Song, S. M., Kim, M. J., Kim, J. G., Park, H. T., Park, Y. H., Eom, K. S., & Park, S. Y. (2022). 128-Channel Recording, 32-Channel Stimulation, Digitally Interfaced Optogenetic Neuromodulation System-on-Chip. Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 8(2). Retrieved from http://jicas.idec.or.kr/index.php/JICAS/article/view/96