Ultra Low EMI and THD+N Multi-Level Class-D Audio Amplifier

  • Ji Hun Lee KAIST
  • Gyu Hyeong Cho
Keywords: Audio amplifier, Class-D, EMI, Multi-level


This paper is about a multi-level PWM Class-D audio amplifier. The recent trend of audio amplifier is increasing output power for louder sound and channels for better sounds effects. However, more EMI problems and lower efficiency are caused by the trend. Instead of simple two-level buck power topology, multi-level topology was proposed to solve both EMI and low efficiency problems. Though, linearity of the amplifier is decreased if it adopts multi-level topology rather than two-level topology. Level shifted-PWM is utilized in the prior Maxim integrated structure to overcome the low linearity problem. In this paper, very effective and simple Folded-PWM architecture is proposed, and the new modulation scheme shows better linearity, THD+N, performances than LSPWM. The FPWM is expected to be used in actual industry, since it has super performances.

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Lee, J. H., & Cho, G. H. (2022). Ultra Low EMI and THD+N Multi-Level Class-D Audio Amplifier. Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 8(2). Retrieved from http://jicas.idec.or.kr/index.php/JICAS/article/view/95