A Fully Integrated Fine-Grained Dual-Output Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter for Low-Power Applications

Keywords: Algorithmic Voltage-feed-in, DC-DC Converter, Dual outputs, On-Chip Converter, Switched-capacitor DC-DC Converter


This paper presents a fully integrated fine-grained dual-output switched-capacitor DC-DC converter that satisfies the requirements of low-power applications. In order to generate a large number of VCRs for dual-output, the converter is partially modified from an algorithmic voltage-feed-in (AVFI) topology, which adds one more output terminal to the original topology. In addition, since the presented converter scheme separates a converter into two individual converters and generates independent VCRs for each converter, a larger number of VCRs can be obtained than that of AVFI converters when not using partitioning techniques. A test chip was fabricated using 0.18 μm standard CMOS process. The measured result shows conversion efficiencies higher than 86.3 % over a range of output voltages from 0.3V to 3.0V for a 3.3V input. In this voltage range, 39 VCRs are distributed for 10 power cells.