Multi-Mode Radar RF Front-end Design

  • Jin Seop Lee
  • Jae Kwon Ha Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Korea Aerospace University
  • Ho Jin Kang
  • Chang Kyun Noh
  • Young Jin Kim
  • Choon Sik Cho
Keywords: Front-end, FMCW, LFM, Multi-mode radar, RF


In this study, we convert multiple radar modes to time division and design multi-mode radar to detect long-range and multi-targets. In particular, CMOS multi-mode radar transceiver integrated circuits for mode switching are developed to configure the hardware. Design radars that support LFM, FMCW, and CW modes to detect long range, short range, and multiple targets. The 65nm CMOS process is used, and the metal is 9-metal(1P8M_5X1Z1U). The MOS transistor uses RF and analog devices, and the supply voltage is 1.2V. The operating frequency is 23.5-24.5 GHz and the area is 4x4 . The design software is cadence (IC615 and IC617), and the EM design software will use sonnet.