A CMOS LiDAR Sensor OEIC for Elder-Care Systems

  • Ji Eun Joo Ewha Womans University
  • Myung Jae Lee KIST
  • Sung Min Park Ewha Womans University
Keywords: Avalanche photodiode, CMOS, Elder-care, LiDAR, Optoelectronic IC


We have designed an optoelectronic integrated circuit (OEIC) by utilizing a 180-nm CMOS technology for a linear LiDAR sensor in the applications of elder-care systems. It consists of an on-chip avalanche photodiode (APD) a voltage-mode linear transimpedance amplifier, a post-amplifier, a limiting amplifier, and a 50-Ω buffer. Post-layout simulation results show that the proposed OEIC achieves 96-dBΩ transimpedance gain, 780-MHz bandwidth even with 3-pF photodiode capacitance, 5.08-pA/√Hz noise current spectral density, and 29.2-mW power dissipation. The entire chip includes 4-channel arrays, hence occupying the area of 2.0 x 2.5 mm2 together with I/O pads.

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Joo, J. E., Lee, M. J., & Park, S. M. (2022). A CMOS LiDAR Sensor OEIC for Elder-Care Systems. Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 8(2). Retrieved from http://jicas.idec.or.kr/index.php/JICAS/article/view/101