JICAS ISSN : 2384-2113 (Online)
IDEC Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems, Vol 3, No 3. July 2017

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Page(s): C1-C2

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An Integrated Potentiostat

Puneet Kanwar Kaur, Sooeun Lee, and Byungsub Kim

Page(s): 1-6

A 33.3% Power Efficiency RF Energy Harvester with -25 dBm Sensitivity using Threshold Compensation Scheme

Danial Khan, Hamed Abbasizadeh, Zaffar Hayat Nawaz Khan and Kang Yoon Lee

Page(s): 7-12

Design of a High-Hole-Mobility Ge Transistor for Si-Driven Heterogeneous Integrated Circuits

Yongbeom Cho, Eunseon Yu, and Seongjae Cho

Page(s): 13-19

A Prototype for Estimating State-of-Charge in the Battery-powered Mobile System

Minsu Oh and HyunJin Kim

Page(s): 20-25

Calibration of offset voltage of op-amp for bandgap voltage reference using chopping technique and switched-capacitor filter

Ji-Yong Um

Page(s): 26-31

Pseudo-differential OTA Design with ±0.9V Wide Input Swing Range in 0.18m Submicron Technology

Minho Nam, Doo-Hwan Kim, Young-Jo Jang and Kyoungrok Cho

Page(s): 32-38