JICAS ISSN : 2384-2113 (Online)
IDEC Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems, Vol 3, No 2. April 2017

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Page(s): C1-C2

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A 10-Gb/s programmable and flexible transceiver with a FPGA

Han-ho Choi, Youn-ho Jeon, and Hyeon-min Bae

Page(s): 1-7

Two-Stage Distributed Amplifier and Cascaded Single-Stage Distributed Amplifier in 65nm CMOS Process

Seongbin Kang, Yunsik Na and Munkyo Seo

Page(s): 8-12

A CMOS Micro Array DNA Biosensor with an On-chip Controlled Electrolyte Electrochemical Potential Regulator

Jun Yeon Yun, Jinhong Ahn, Nakwon Yoo, and Young June Park

Page(s): 13-18

16-PSK baseband Modem Design for Data Communication

Nam-Won Kim and Myoung-Seob Lim

Page(s): 19-24

High-speed WAVE Security Chip

Piljoo Choi, Hyun Il Kim, Ryang Ki and Dong Kyue Kim

Page(s): 25-30

A Patch-Clamp for detecting the DNA passage

Young Sun Moon and Gyu-Tae Kim

Page(s): 31-35

High-efficiency analog front-end design of passive NFC tag based on 65nm

Jun-Beom Jang and Yong Moon

Page(s): 36-43

1-13GHz Wideband LNA utilizing a Transformer as a Compact Inter-stage Network in 65nm CMOS

Hyohyun Nam and Jung-Dong Park

Page(s): 44-48