JICAS ISSN : 2384-2113 (Online)
IDEC Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems, Vol. 3, No. 1, Jan 2017

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Page(s): C1-C2

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A Random and Systematic Jitter Suppressed DLL-Based Clock Generator with Effective Negative Feedback Loop

Seong-Jin An and Young-Shig Choi

Page(s): 1-6

An Implementation of MIMO PHY Modulator for IEEE 802.11n WLAN System

Minjoon Kim and Jaeseok Kim

Page(s): 7-12

A 10-bit Single-ended SAR ADC with split dual-capacitive-array for Multi-channel Neural Recording System

Sung-Min Lee and Ju Eon Kim

Page(s): 13-18

A Battery Management IC using Successive Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converter

Semi Lim, Junseok Park

Page(s): 19-24

Novel test patterns for analog/mixed signal device reliability and electrical parameter extraction

Hyeong-Sub Song, Sung-Kyu Kwon, Je-Young Kim, Dong-Jun Oh, Jeong-Chan Lee and Hi-Deok Lee

Page(s): 25-31

Design and verification of internal core circuit of FlexRay transceiver in the ADAS

Yui-Hwan Sa and Hyeong-Woo Cha

Page(s): 32-37

A Current-mode Digital Buck-Boost Converter for LED Driver

Ji-Hoon Park and In-Chul Hwang

Page(s): 38-44

Single-Inductor Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter with Comparator-Based Feedback Circuit

Jin-Gyu Kang and Changsik Yoo

Page(s): 45-50